Five Elements

The movement of the Five Elements can seem like a complicated and intricate system. You can learn more about the complexities and awesomeness of the Wu Xing here.

I prefer to focus on the more amazing simplicity of the cycle of the Five Elements that seems apparent in everyday life!  When I first learned of the Five Phases it spoke easily to me partly because of the wonderful teacher I had and partly because it is as simple as what we experience around and within us every moment.  For me this simplicity is what is appealing, as it puts everyday life into perspective.

The Five Phases are a model that reflects the microcosm within in each of us that moves and changes every moment, and this microcosm is merely a reflection of the macrocosm of nature around us on Earth and ultimately of the universe as a whole.

The information provided here on the Five Phases here are  the basics of what has helped me remember my connection to myself, others, nature and the universe.  I hope that it inspires and ignites something similar for you.  I highly recommend connecting with nature to fully experience the power that each movement the five phases has to offer.  Because we live in the city, visits to the local planetarium can be a unique urban way to be fully reminded of our connection with everything.