Seasonal Food Workshops

A simple way to eat in alignment with the seasons and stay healthy through all  seasons is to look outside and see, feel, touch, smell, taste what nature is doing:  what’s going on?.  Check back in with yourself:  how do you feel?  Learn how you really do  have all the tools you need to eat during any season of the year and your life.

  • Winter Warming
  • Spring Cleansing
  • Summer Cooling
  • Late Summer Grounding
  • Autumn Immune Boosting

Check out the blog & the events page for the next workshop or call me to organize your own! (minimum 4 people)

Demystifying the health and bulk food stores

If you are switching to a more whole foods based diet or have recently had to change your diet to accommodate and illness or allergy, you may have to reorient yourself with your grocery store or health food store.

Having worked in the health food industry for over 15 years and being an avid comparison shopper myself, I can help you to demystify the ‘whole foods world’ and get back to cooking with basics!

  • when you should prioritize organics and avoid genetically-modified or irradiated foods
  • finding alternatives to meat, dairy, wheat, sugar and other common allergens
  • choosing nutritional allies for various health concerns.  Which brand do I choose?
  • tips on how to prepare foods you may not be familiar with
  • plus: what to get where? what works for you? csa’s, health food stores, coops, delivery…

1 hour-$75

( 20$ for each additional person up to 3 people)


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