Lemon balm . Melissa officinalis

A perennial herb in the mint family Lamiaceae, Lemon Balm is the herb of sustainable healing, that you see to the left.  How did it come to be my logo?

When studying herbs the best way to really know any plant is to develop a deep relationship with the plant.  Most of my herbal explorations have been in urban environments and, simply put, Lemon Balm is the herb that I connected with in all ways at all times.  Wherever I have moved to there was always Lemon Balm, in every garden or pot on my balcony or scrubby patch of dirt in the back alley.  As the years have passed I have come to  feel like I truly know this plant and  as though we do share many qualities!

pungent . sweet . cooling . diaphoretic . carminative . nervine

Lemon Balm supports self esteem and times of transition.

Herbs are food.  I am interested in spreading the knowledge of food value of many local and abundant herbs.  There is so much which grows right outside our urban doorsteps:   motherwort, plantain, comfrey, burdock, dandelion, coltsfoot……

Herbal wisdom is incorporated into individual sessions and seasonal food workshops. Individual herbal workshops will also be posted on the events page and blog.  Keep an eye out.

Tea Blends

Women’s  Tea
Nourish & Tone Tea
Chill Out Tea
Moon Tea
Mineral Tea
3-Seed Tea

$15 each – 2 for $25

All tea blends come in recycled silk & cotton bags individually sewn.
All ingredients are wildcrafted or organic Fill up your own empty jar for reduced impact on your wallet & the environment!
All tea blends are altered to your uniqueness and made on order.


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