Our attitudes and thinking create body postures and muscular tension patterns; body aches and pains influence the way we think and feel.

During all sessions the client is clothed and lies on their back on a massage table.  Nadia uses her trainings in jin shin do acupressure, craniosacral, hakomi, body awareness, qi gong, breathing, and counseling to assist the client in their healing process. The client is invited to be present, to communicate, to breathe and to be in awareness of his or her own unique physical and emotional sensations throughout the session.  Breathing and dialoguing between practitioner and client flow throughout the session.

This process of really being present within the body opens a path towards wholeness and is truly an experience that incorporates all parts of our being.

Sometimes all that is needed is to be still, to be present, to feel our own bodies, to listen to ourselves.

The work that begins on the table and extends into individual life outside the session is a cooperative bodymind experience between the practitioner, client and the universal Qi.

A bodywork session is a safe and powerful way you can explore body tensions and/or emotional stresses towards making positive changes in your life.

The ultimate gift of this work is learning more and more about yourself.

Healing occurs at a pace unique to each individual, thus each session is unique!

1.5 hours – $100
1 hour – $75
insurance receipts for massage therapy provided

Whole Health Packages

  • 10 sessions for $850
  • 6 sessions for $540
  • 3 sessions for $285

All sessions are 1.5hrs each

All sessions in packages must be used within a time period cooperatively pre-determined between client & practitioner
Whole health rates include email and phone access during this time, as well as herbal & food recommendations to aid in your process of commitment to your health.
Packages are available for new and existing clients.